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Main Features and Next Goals

tapICE App

Emergency Request

Send an automatic emergency request to a list of contacts through Text Message so they can access your exact location and personal information on our website.

phone numbers

Emergency Numbers

Easily access over 90 countries emergency numbers, which is great for travellers.


Online Medical Record

Save your personal and medical information online so your close friends, family and doctors can access in case of emergency.

Next Goals

With your help we hope to achieve the following goals

  • Provide Free App
  • Create IOS App
  • Develop Tool for Hospitals
  • Create a Public Map of Ocurrencies
  • First Aid Tips Funcionality

Currently we've achieved our first goal which was creating an Android App with several tools to help people in case of emergency.

The app also enables you to use others functionalities such as quickly finding your current address. This is helpful when you’re in an unfamiliar area and may need to request an ambulance for someone else or yourself. This happened to me when I found someone unconscious in a city I didn't know.

Our next goals are creating a tool so Hospitals and Ambulances can see emergencies in real time on an Online Map, and access medical records and personal information in order to provide efficient and personalized rescues. We also hope to raise funds to provide a free app, develop an IOS app, and create new functionalities such as Voice Commands and a system for elders who live alone.

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